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​Frequently Asked Questions



1. Is it really that important to have my home cleaned by a professional cleaning service like Go2Girlz?


As with any type of investment, a house requires maintenance and to be kept free of dirt, grime and dust in order to function optimally.  Dirt  brought in from clothes, backpacks, shoes and other items could also contain germs and bacteria which can accumulate in the home over time.  Keeping your home clean is also keeping it healthy.  People who have their floors regularly steam cleaned might have lower instances of family colds and other illnesses.  Let Go2Girlz be the girls you go to when you want the job done right.

2. What makes Go2Girls different from other cleaning companies?


  • Local: We are two women who own homes, live and raise our families in the Arlington School District. We clean your home with the same thoughtfulness and care as our own, and treat each of our clients with respect, honesty and attention.  The consistent satisfaction of our clients is very important to us.


  • Caring and Trustworthy: Your items are just that Yours and we make sure most items stay where you leave them, but if we find any valuables laying around or under furniture, we'll put them in a safe place in your home and notify you.
    Each home has its own set of family members and that includes extended family and pets who live there. As owners of dogs and cats ourselves, we understand that making sure they are safe while we clean is a top priority,  You leave us with special instructions concerning pets, kids and family members, and we'll be certain to follow them.

  • FlexibilityGo2Girlz Cleaning Services understands that your weekly or monthly schedule and needs can vary.  We make every attempt to keep our schedules consistent each week, but if you need to make a change or have more services completed, we'll work with you as best we can.  We can customize our services to meet your individual requirements.

  • Detailed: Once we start cleaning your home, we don't stop until every corner and crevice is conquered. We take our job seriously and that's why we have fun doing it. Our goal is for you to be so happy when we're done that you feel like you don't have to clean until we come again..

  • Budget-friendly: You can have a clean and healthy home without sacrificing your wallet.  We tailor each job to our client's needs and budget. 

3. What is your cancellation policy? In order to provide timely service to you and all our clients, we do have a set schedule. Please give us at least two business days (48 hrs) notice if you need to cancel or change anything. Also, if we can't get in, we can't do our job so please be sure we have access to your home.

4. Who will actually clean my home? ​We will. Angelina and Nancy.  We're a team and we will service your home personally.

5. Do I have to be home? How will you enter? You don't have to be home for us to clean, and many of our clients are working or running errands while we are cleaning. We discuss ways we can have access to your home, and you can order a lockbox online where you can secure a key outside your house.  We personally discuss options with you upon formal quote.

6. Can you use my cleaning products? We come ready to clean with our own supplies and products. If you have your own favorite brands or home-made products, please let us know in advance with all bottles properly labeled for their specific use.

7. How should I prepare? We ask that important papers, documents, valuables, clothes, and other personal items be in their proper place and off the floor so we can do a better and more thorough job, and this also reduces the incidents of misplaced items.

8.I have pets. So do we, and we understand your concern.

Let us know any pertinent information about your fur-babies and four-legged family members.  (For example: The cat is in the master bedroom, please make sure he doesn't escape.  The dog nips when he gets scared so we've confined him to the garage, please don't open this door, etc.) We do request that you make every attempt to confine pets to a safe, comfortable area so we can complete the cleaning process as efficiently as possible without risk of incident.

9. When will you arrive? How long does it take? What if you are not on time?

One of us typically will call you in advance to confirm.

Our arrival times are approximate so we have a two hour window for arrival.

Regular clients' homes usually take between 1-3 hours depending on size and number of extra services. 

If we need to make any changes due to unexpected events, we will notify you as soon as possible.

Please call us with any questions we might not have answered here.

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